In more recent times, the industry has also had to contend with the controversy surrounding the growth of the so-called ‘gig economy’ and the implications of being deemed to have engaged “workers” for the purposes of employment law legislation.

In response to this, and the recent report by Matthew Taylor i.e. “Good Work: the Taylor review of modern working Practices”, Eaziadvice was started to offer our clients a range of tailored services and products specifically devised to protect our clients from HMRC and challenges to status matters.  These range from a full review of the company through to advisory and preparation for representation in Tax and Employment Tribunals. It includes advice on employment status (including agency legislation challenges), employment law issues relating to subcontractors.

We are pleased to announce that in addition to our own in-house status law expertise, we work in tandem with our colleagues at Accountax which means that we have a partner whose reputation has been enhanced and grown due to successes in several high-profile employment status cases at the Special Commissioners (now the Tax Tribunal). Accountax have a 100% success rate in employment status cases in both the Commissioners and Tribunal. These include:

  • Lewis (t/a MAL Scaffolding) v Revenue & Customs
  • Littlewood & Others (t/a JL Window & Door Services) v Revenue & Customs
  • Sherburn Aero Club Ltd v Revenue & Customs

The judgment in MAL Scaffolding was a particularly bruising defeat for HMRC with the Commissioners suggesting that the Revenue had pre-determined views of employment status and that these views were wrong.  This was a landmark judgment and gave the seal of approval to their interpretation of the law.